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Blog 7 January 2020 Published by Kristian Andrews

With Christmas and New Year festivities done and dusted, many people in the UK take part in Dry January and give up alcohol for a month. In fact, over 4 million people decided to do it in 2019 and this number looks to increase for this year.

As some only give up alcohol for a month, others are deciding to give up alcohol altogether in favour of a healthier lifestyle, this is particularly apparent amongst ‘Millennials’ (generations born between 1981 – 1996). With this in mind, demand for ‘NOLO’ (no and low alcohol) products are on the up so why not take advantage of our new still and sparkling wine alternatives, a great option to offer your customers who don’t want to reach for a lime & soda…

Wild Life Botanicals 

First up we have Wild Life Botanicals Nude & Blush. Crafted in Cornwall from Spanish wine, Wild Life Botanicals is an ultra low alcohol wine at just 0.5% abv. An uplifting elixir of botanicals and vitamins are added to the de-alcoholised wine enhancing the original flavours and characters from the Airen grape.

Belle & Co 

Belle & Co is slightly different as this is fermented sparkling grape juice which is then infused with green tea. The result? A delightfully refreshing drink with a generous head of bubbles that is gluten free and vegan friendly. With it being 0% abv and available in a single serve 20cl, there’s no wastage for you and no hangover for your customers, everyone’s a winner!


Eisberg is our alcohol free still wine. The grapes are selected for their ability to maintain the true taste of the grape variety after the alcohol has been removed. In a similarly clever process to Wild Life Botanicals, Eisberg uses a centrifugal system that gently heats the wine causing the alcohol to evaporate resulting in a 0.5% abv wine with fewer than 30 calories per 125ml.

Available in Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

For pricing and further details, please contact your Wine Development Manager who will be happy to help!


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