Top Rosé Wine Trends for Summer

Blog, Wines 11 August 2019 Published by Tegan Philp

Summer Forecast: Sunny with a chance of Rosé!

Summer is upon us and hopefully the big yellow thing in the sky it’s time to bring your pink A-game! From still pinks to rosés with a little sparkle and from Provence to Pinot Grigio, here is a guide to all things rosy!

Rosé is white wine and red wine mixed together … right?

Correct! Well, it’s one of the ways you can make rosé but not many places in the world are allowed to make it (Champagne is one of the few!). The most commonly used method is maceration which involves crushing red grapes so that the colour of the skins seeps into the juice to give you those juicy pinks. If you’re after a paler style (think Provence) then pressing is the way to go, gently crushing the skin as soon as possible, reducing the contact time between the skin and the juice so the bar is hint of pink is achieved. For the most intense, dark rosé, the winemaker uses the Saignée method which literally means ‘bleeding’ some of the pink juice from the main press, which typically will continue it’s journey to becoming red wine.

Rosé Winemaking Techniques - Maceration for juicy pinks - Pressing for pale Provence rosés - Saignée for deep, dark pink rosés.

Our Popular Rosé Wines

The beauty of rosé is that it can be quite versatile – it can be drunk on it’s own alfresco style it can be paired with most foods! Here are our suggestions that feature a new wine, a pretty pink, an exquisite magnum and a sparkling Italian favorite! These are based on our top selling rosés which can help you create the perfect list for your establishment:

  • Sweet & Juicy  

Zinfandel rosé is still the biggest selling style and you will see it on most wine lists. The Deep Rose Zinfandel £ 6.87 is a gift for the living seas program.

  • Pale & Pretty

Whilst Zin rosé is still biggest in terms of volume it’s the drier, paler styles which are seeing the growth in particular Provence or Provence-style rosé from the South of France. We saw sales increase by over 80% last year so if you don’t currently have one of these on your list – it’s the perfect opportunity for a summer promo. Two of our favourites are Sand Tropez £11.76 and La Chevalière Rosé £8.59.

  • Go Large

Pink magnums holding 1.5 litres of wine are a real showstopper when it comes to sharing with a group of friends. Vondeling Rosé £17.86 is a real crowd-pleaser rosé with the prettiest pale pink colour and a fruity style. Or if your customers really like pushing the boat out go with the oh so elegant Maison Williams Chase Rosé £35.17.

  • Do not forget bubbles!

With the Prosecco Craze still going strong, many consumers are spring-boarding over to pink sparkling pink. Look no further than the delicious Il Fresco Rosato , available in matching ‘little & large’ formats – £ 12.08 / £ 3.89.

The Deep, Sand Tropez, Maison William Chase, Il Fresco Rosé are all available on our website. Contact Sales on 0345 241 1122 to place an order for your business.

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