Summery Suggestions for National Cheese & Wine Day

Blog, Food Pairings 25 July 2018 Published by Ruth Benney

Wednesday 25th July 2018 is National Wine & Cheese Day, but the thought of breaking out the Port and Stilton in these soaring temperatures doesn’t really appeal!

Here are a few ideas for pairing some popular summery cheese dishes…


Feta & Watermelon Salad

As much as we enjoy a traditional Greek salad, for a super-refreshing dish we love this Feta & Watermelon salad recipe from Jamie Oliver. Our pairing of choice here would be an equally seasonal rosé – something really fruity yet dry like a Spanish Garnacha – Azabache Rosado would be perfect! Rosé often gets overlooked when it comes to food pairing but the fresh acidity and fruit flavours would be an ideal match for the tangy Feta and sweet watermelon.

Grilled Halloumi Burger

Halloumi is a regular on most menus these days, and we can’t get enough! No wonder there are rumours of a shortage, we’re pretty sure we’re eating it all! Watergate Bay Hotel near Newquay offer one of the best around and they add in mushrooms as an ultra-tasty veggie burger option. You can look to the reds here for pairing but keep it light. Les Vignerons Grenache-Pinot Noir is just the ticket, it could even be served slightly cool.

Pear and Stilton Tart

On to the white wines for this dish. Gewürztraminer is a grape variety that tends to polarise people but whether you like it or not, the wines provide an interesting food pairing option. The name comes from the German Gewürz meaning ‘herb’ or spice’ and Traminer, an ancient grape variety. It tends to have some residual fruit sugars and combined with a perfumed aroma, lower acidity and higher alcohol, many taste sweeter than they actually are. Aves del Sur Gewürztraminer Reserva from Chile is a favourite of ours for pairing with Asian-fusion foods but it also works surprisingly well with blue cheeses such as Stilton. Take inspiration from Michel Roux Jr.’s Pear Tart with Stilton and Pistachios.

Baked Camembert

The perfect sharing dish (or not!). Soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert are a match made in heaven for sparkling wines which break down their creamy core and give a contrast of textures. The Thomas Daniell in Truro serve a scrumptious rosemary and garlic baked Camembert alongside the brilliantly bubbly Botter Spumante Prosecco.

Happy National Wine and Cheese Day!

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