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Blog 13 July 2018 Published by Ruth Benney

At the end of June we welcomed Patrick Goudge to the team as Wine Development Manager for Plymouth, Dartmoor and South Cornwall. Patrick has come to us from Great Western Wine based in Bath and before that, he worked as a Manager for Majestic Wine. Following his induction to the Brewery, we thought we would quiz him on a few things to get to know him a little better…


How did you get into wine?
I wish I had a better answer than ‘purely by accident’. I was out of work and accepted a job selling wine tastings door to door. It was horrendous, and only lasted a few months, but it gave me a love of all things vinous and made me look into the wine trade further. Eight years on I still love it (different job – thank god).


What has been your strangest job to date?
That’s easy. Going underneath a newly built lecture theatre floor on my hands and knees picking up fallen screws and nails before the industrial vacuum cleaner came in. IN THE DARK. I lasted 25 minutes before walking out on the grounds of danger to my sanity – and knees.


What is your favourite drink, what would you have it with and where would you be drinking it?
Always an impossible question. Who am I with? What’s the weather like? How many people are there? What’s on the menu? Favourite drink is obviously wine but further than that it all depends….


What wine trends are you seeing for the summer period?
I think the old world is coming back strong. Whites like Picpoul and Albariño are really gaining ground over the ever popular New Zealand Sauvignon, and French Malbec is becoming better known as well. In general I think the public are becoming far more savvy to their wine preferences so our job is to fuel this curiosity and always be providing something new and interesting – and we love it!


What are your interests outside the world of wine?
When not drinking wine you can generally find me outside. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!” So said my Grandpa about a million times. I love fishing – as long as I can eat what I catch (can you eat a compliment?). Camping is another hobby, in our beloved van ‘Brenda’ or Brenda von BlueVan to give her her full title.


What is your food and wine pairing heaven? 
Food and wine pairing heaven to date is Fillet Steak with Peppercorn Sauce and the truly remarkable Cask 23 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from Stag’s Leap. Heaven defined! And I cooked it myself! However… I firmly hope to give a different answer to this question many times as, like that illusive big fish there’s always another heaven to be found.


Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you without asking!
I whittle spoons for fun. Enough said?


What part of your new job you are most excited about?
Another easy one. The people. I could talk about wine all day but it’s people that really excite me. This job allows me to meet people constantly and this makes me happy.


What drink is in your hand at the moment?
A fine Rioja Crianza that is sadly very nearly empty….

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