Prosecco Explained

Wines 18 January 2018 Published by Bea Coque

From its home in North-Eastern Italy, Prosecco is taking the world by storm with its light, fresh, easy-drinking style. Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the Veneto region from a grape variety called Glera and comes in two equally delicious styles – frizzante and spumante – but how do you know which one is which?

If a Prosecco is labelled frizzante this means semi-sparkling, so expect gentle bubbles and a smooth taste, generally sealed with a cork inside the neck with a string over the top, a crown cap (as with bottled beers), or even a screw cap. One of our favourites is the Prosecco Frizzante, Tenuta Ca’Bolani. With less of the aggressive bubbles and more gently sparkling than most Proseccos, it’s perfect for your first glass of the day.

If the label states spumante this means full-sparkling and will have slightly more exuberant bubbles, sealed with the classic mushroom shaped cork protruding from the top of the bottle and secured with a wire cage. Try a Divici Prosecco Spumante, stylishly packaged, organic and of excellent quality.

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